Third generation-C3 (1968–1982) Corvette Bolt on Lambo Door Systems Shipping For Free!

These corvette hinge kits are precision engineered for each specific application giving them a true bolt on fitment unlike any other lambo door hinge system the world over. Other systems on the market required major cutting or modifying the vehicle, but not ours. In fact, you don’t even remove the fender to install them and they open further, in both directions, than ever before:

Here is an installed example:

c3-corvette 68-82- bolt-on-lambo-doors-vertical

Here are some shots of  the C3 bolt on system before packaging:

Here is a the link for online ordering:–on-lambo-doors-vertical-doors

Use the coupon code ‘free shipping’ when ordering online!

Please click here to contact us  with any questions you have!

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