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Know what you like but not sure what the heck it’s called? You’re not alone! We call them Gull Wing Doors, but many customers refer to them as Butterfly doors or Delorean Doors. But what we’re all referring to are the door hinges that make your car doors open up so that they are parallel with the roof line of the vehicle. Like this: more

It’s Friday, and the weather is nice…time to call it a day. The last order out the door this week is Mr. Mitchell’s bolt on rear lambo door kit, for his Dodge Charger.

Here are a few pics to look at while it ships…Thank’s for the order Steve! more


When this R32 1990 Nissan ¬†skyline came into the shop, we noticed the front right tire was rubbing on the fender. At first we had thought that one of the RS-R drop springs had started to sag because it was just the one corner doing it. We then cycled the suspension and noticed that the upper control arms had some play in it. The owner didn’t want to buy, wait for, or mess with, ¬†aftermarket adjustable replacements and OEM parts weren’t available locally, so we decided to rebuild it here while the car was in the shop. This gave us an opportunity to do a how to for you nissan skyline and 300zx owners. more

suicide doors SEMA Black Bird



When Trans Am Depot contacted us about doing a 180 Suicide Door kit on one of their customer’s cars, we were pretty stoked! Trans Am Dept cranks out some crazy builds for some pretty high-end cliental. The Black Bird was custom build for a former NBA star that wanted his new ride to have a truly unique look. Trans Am Depot used our vehicle specific 180 Suicide Door kit ( available here:https://www.scissor-doors.com/cart/chevrolet/camaro-2010/camaro-2010-suicide-doors) to build this totally custom Trans Am. more