“The Black Bird” by Trans Am Depot Featuring Scissor Doors Inc 180 Suicide Doors

suicide doors SEMA Black Bird



When Trans Am Depot contacted us about doing a 180 Suicide Door kit on one of their customer’s cars, we were pretty stoked! Trans Am Dept cranks out some crazy builds for some pretty high-end cliental. The Black Bird was custom build for a former NBA star that wanted his new ride to have a truly unique look. Trans Am Depot used our vehicle specific 180 Suicide Door kit ( available here:https://www.scissor-doors.com/cart/chevrolet/camaro-2010/camaro-2010-suicide-doors) to build this totally custom Trans Am.

180 suicide doors trans am depot

Unlike a typical suicide door, the Scissor Doors Inc 180 Suicide Door Conversion allows you to open up your doors so that they are in line with the body of your vehicle. This not only looks awesome, but it makes getting into and out of your vehicle that much easier! If you’re worried about your paint job, don’t be! We have built in stoppers to ensure that the door stops before it touches the body !


Suicide Doors Installation Trans Am

Worried that modifying your door hinges will weaken the door? DON’T BE! Check out how rugged and heavy duty that 180 Suicide Door hinge is! ¬†Since our conversion kits are all vehicle specific and designed to work on the vehicle you purchase them for they are guaranteed to never come out of adjustment or sag overtime. This means a lifetime of daily use and abuse without the worry of damaging your doors!

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