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With most Bolt On Lambo Door kits there is some trimming and adjusting involved in the installation process. The installation also requires that you remove your fenders to install the new Lambo Doors. But with our new DIRECT BOLT ON LAMBO DOOR KIT for the Chevrolet Corvette, the installation process has been completely streamlined!  more

Are you considering Suicide Doors for your vehicle? if you are your looking in the right direction. Suicide doors are probably the most classiest no nonsense and practical door modification that can be made for any vehicle. They are easy to get in and out of, even easier than regular doors, and their simplicity make it so that any body man can install them with ease.

Wait did they say ANY body man,  with EASE? Yes we did and while were not going to go in depth about the installation techniques in this post we do want to talk about hinge selection. Hinge selection is probably the most important decision when modifying a vehicles doors. This rule applies to suicide doors as much as any other door modification because the same hinge will not work on your Studebaker that worked on your s10. more