Suicide Doors Master Install Hinge Kits


Did You Know That?

Scissor Doors inc is the only manufacturer to produce the highest quality suicide doors for each unique vehicle. We offer suicide door conversions that are designed to work with each specific vehicle, we don’t just offer a universal fit hinge,. This saves you time on the installation and ensures that you get a quality product that will work with your vehicle. Because of this, our systems are  also the lowest cost, installed hinges available on the market today!

We use a minimal of 5/8 inch thick aluminum or 1/2 thick steel when fabricating our suicide door hinges. This guarantees a quality built product that will last a lifetime.

We don’t just manufacture traditional 90 degree suicide doors. We manufacture 180 degree suicide doors as well! The 180 degree hinges allow you to open your doors fully so that they are parallel with the body of the vehicle. But don’t worry, we built in safety stoppers to ensure that the doors won’t rub your paint job!

Because our Suicide Doors are vehicle specific, our hinges install faster than any other Suicide Doors on the market! Your installer will appreciate this and so will your wallet!

Our Suicide Doors are designed to be used on daily driven vehicles so we have designed a zero-flex hinge that will not come out of adjustment. Our suicide doors are built to withstand the abuse of everyday use. We guarantee that our hinges will not sag or buckle when installed.

Our Suicide Doors are compatible with Automatic Door opening systems to provide you with a hands-free suicide door system.

Our Suicide Door hinges are made from thick high carbon steel and/or 6061 billet aluminum to ensure that your conversion will be rigid and sturdy on your vehicle. Our 180 degree hinges are drop forged and machined to your vehicles overall specs. We utilize, CNC and manual machining processes for press fit and machined pivot points that withstand the test of time. TIG welding and fine thread fasteners of proper tensile strength are also used for each specific application.

All of our door conversions are backed with a FULL Lifetime Warranty.

Our Suicide doors are the only hinges fully tested, and guaranteed never to flex, sag, or wobble.

Are you looking for a Suicide door system you can depend on? You will find what your looking for in the machine shop at Scissor Doors Inc., home of the world’s strongest and only vehicle specific suicide door applications.

Suicide doors are probably the original door modification. They were introduced early on in some production vehicles for good reason, they really are a classy and functional way to modify your door opening on two and four door cars and trucks, suvs, semi trucks, military vehicle, and the list goes on. Simply put suicide doors make any vehicle look good and easier to get in and out of.

When we decided to enter this market, there were only the standard opening universal fit hinges. The quality of the hinges is typically sub par from too thin metals and without proper bushings and clearances. Even now these universal hinges are sold everywhere online, and they are tempting because of their low price upfront. Because they were originally designed for an S10 pickup truck,these hinges are causing a lot problems for installers and customers alike, because trying to install them requires a lot of fabrication work that often results in sloppy, wobbly doors. Here are some two and four door examples:

Scissor Doors Inc. turned the market upside down by offering suicide hinges that are not only designed for the vehicle they are installed on, but also available in 90 and 180 degree opening:

By making our hinges the right shape and size for your vehicle, we have streamlined much of the installation process, saving more time and money on than the price of the hinges themselves! So in a sense our hinges are free!

One of the reasons they save time is that the hinges are the correct size for the application. This takes the guess work out of hinge location during the install. You simply open the hinges to 90 degrees and slide hinges pivot point at the furthest point back, and the furthest point out. Level the x and y, and weld it in to the rear quarter.


General Suicide Door Hinge Installation Locating Diagram.

Then move on to the door where the hinge now tells you where it wants to go. This highlights another key feature of our Suicide door hinge systems. They are designed to install with the factory door hinges still in place holding the door! Then you simply remove the factory door hinges and enjoy perfect door alignment, the first time, every time.


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