Shaved Door Kits By Scissor Doors Inc.

Did You Know That?

Scissor Doors Inc. stocks shaved door kits for over 1000 different makes and model vehicles.

We use only heavy duty solenoids that don’t lose pull strength over time.

All systems come complete with everything required for installation, including relays and manual poppers to assist the solenoid.

All shaved door kits come with two remote key fobs for activation.

Our shaved door kits are designed to be up gradable and can be used in conjunction with existing car alarms and OEM key fobs.

If you already own one of our shaved door kits, you may upgrade to fully automated doors at a discounted price.

If you purchased one of our fully automatic power doors, there is no need to purchase a separate shaved door kit because they are included with the full power door upgrade.

Door handles aren’t always the nicest looking feature on a vehicle; the solution is a quick shave to eliminate your exterior door handles. To remove your door handles you can install a shaved door handle kit that will allow you to open and close your doors by remote control key fab. This maintains the function, but eliminates the look of the handles and gives you a clean, sleek exterior. The shaved door kit can be installed on one or all of your doors, depending on the look you’re after.

When looking at shaved door kits it’s important to keep quality in mind. Scissor Doors Inc. makes sure to match the size and weight of your door with the size of the popper and the solenoid in the shaved door kit. This is so important when buying your shaved doors! If you have too weak of a shaved door kit, your doors won’t open for you, and if they do, they won’t for long! Having quality internal components will save you hundreds on repair costs and frustration with not being able to get into your car! Here is a look at one of our regular production shaved door kits:

Our shaved door kits are complete.

The installation can be done in stages if you’re not ready to commit to completely removing your exterior door handles just yet. By just installing the ‘poppers’, you will be able to open and close your doors by remote, but the handles are still in place. When you’re ready to remove the outside door handle, any body shop can do the job quickly and easily for you. Or you can just drop off the shaved door kit at the shop and have any installer do it for you. Because our systems are of a higher quality and designed to work on the car they are sold for, the install process is much simpler.