True bolt on Lambo Doors. The finest hinges you can install.

Did You Know That?

Scissor Doors Inc. manufactures direct bolt on and weld on lambo door hinges for over 750 different makes and models of vehicles that come complete in a master install kit with everything required to do the installation for both doors.

If we don’t already manufacture hinges for your vehicle, we can manufacture a custom, direct bolt on set for you that will bolt directly onto your existing door hinges mounting holes.

All Scissor Doors Inc. lambo door hinges open in both directions, further than other hinges available.

Our bolt on lambo door hinges are engineered to never come out of adjustment. Even with daily use and abuse, our lambo door hinges kits will not sag or move over time.

We back our Lambo door hinges with a lifetime warranty and require NO modifications be done to your vehicle’s existing door and latch assembly.

We use gas lift supports that are engineered specifically for lambo door hinges.

Our gas lift supports use dual pivot end fittings rather than a fixed point fitting. This eliminates any sideways pressure on the gas lift support and extends the lifespan of your shock.

Our bolt on lambo door hinges are made from thick high carbon steel and/or 6061 billet aluminum to ensure that your conversion will be rigid and sturdy on your vehicle. Our weld on systems are drop forged and machined to your vehicles overall specs. We utilize, CNC and manual machining processes for press fit and machined pivot points that withstand the test of time. TIG welding and fine thread fasteners of proper tensile strength are also used for each specific application.

Most lambo door hinges only open 65 degrees. This makes it hard to get in and out of the vehicle. Our hinge systems open a minimum of 75 degrees vertically, some applications allow for 120 degrees of opening.

Lambo Doors are also called, Scissor Doors and Vertical Doors…

Yet they all refer to hinges that open your existing door in the no compromise approach that was originally made famous by Lamborghini. At Scissor Doors Inc. we have spend the last decade working on engineered direct bolt on hinges. It all started when we came across an existing companies lambo door kit and decided to do a full redesign of the hinges to dramatically improve the design in many aspect from ease of installation to everyday dependability.

At the time we didn’t know that, a decade later, we would have thousands of applications available and the ability to custom make just about any hinge you can imagine for just about any application you can think of. The lessons we learned early on have been honed over the years and applied to each bolt on door hinge across the range of applications we make.

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All Scissor Doors Inc. complete door conversions are available with automatic upgrades.

Bolt-On Lambo Doors Gallery

Here are a few examples of the over 1000+ DIRECT bolt-on

180 Degree Suicide Doors Gallery

Here are few examples of the world’s only NO FLEX 180

90 Degree Suicide Doors Gallery

Here are a few examples of the over 1000+ suicide door

Rear Lambo Doors Gallery

Here are a few examples of our complete line of bolt on, and

Suicide Lambo Doors Gallery

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Weld-On lambo Door Gallery

Why buy a weld on lambo door hinge? If you require 90-120

Mobility Wheelchair Access Hinge Gallery

These are a few examples of our vehicle specific direct bolt

The Green Hornet: Black Beauty Front Suicide Gun Doors

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Sema: Project Blackbird – 180 Suicide Doors

We would like to thank the crew of master engineers

1.The approach to building quality hinges is simple. Take all the fundamental characteristics of the customers vehicle itself:

(OEM bolt pattern, door offset, wiring harness location, weight, jamb shape/dimensions, fender shape/dimensions, door panel thickness),

2.Then apply them to the characteristics of a proper hinge:

(rigidity, reliability, desired opening angle, style [suicide -lambo, gullwing, etc], ease of operation, ease of installation etc.)

3.When all aspects are accounted for the hinges more or less design themselves, and we just build them for you. To see what we mean, look at these two photos. On the right, is one of our hinges and on the left a competitors. Both are for newer C5 and C6 Corvettes:

What you’ll notice is the attention to detail which usually almost always ends up in a more complex hinge design, that function properly without the wobble that most other kits have. They are also and is much easier to install.

Are You Wondering How To Install Lambo Doors

From an install stand point, There are two styles of lambo door hinges. Bolt on, simply which bolt to your existing factory door hinge bolt locations:

This is an example of a bolt on installation.

And weld on, hinges, which can be installed one of two ways, they can be welded directly to the vehicle and door like this:

Weld on lambo door installation

Or the installer can make their own mounting plates that bolt to the car and then weld the lambo door hinge to them like this:

Weld on lambo door with flanges welded then installed

Why would anyone want a weld on system over a bolt on kit? Usually its because we don’t already make a DIRECT bolt on lambo door hinge kit for that vehicle (always check with us first), and the cost of having one custom made, can be more than the cost of having us machine a weld on hinge to suit your application.

This covers the basics, so if your still reading your probably wondering why Scissor Doors Inc. lambo door hinges are easier to install than other systems on the market?…As with any auto parts, its a matter of quality and design.

For an interesting comparison here is a competitors hinge installed on the left and a Scissor Doors Inc. Bolt on hinge on the right.

The obvious differences can be seen, but the biggest differences need to be felt, and cheap systems typically wobble 6 or more inches at the back of the door which will damage your paint and beat your door striker off of your door jamb when opening and closing it.

When it comes to quality, it never costs as much money as it saves.

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