Installing a Direct Bolt On Lambo Door Kit on your C5/C6 Corvette

With most Bolt On Lambo Door kits there is some trimming and adjusting involved in the installation process. The installation also requires that you remove your fenders to install the new Lambo Doors. But with our new DIRECT BOLT ON LAMBO DOOR KIT for the Chevrolet Corvette, the installation process has been completely streamlined! 


To install a Scissor Doors Inc Lambo Door kit on your Corvette there is NO cutting, NO loosening of the washer bottle of the washer bottle, NO trimming or rolling the fenders. You don't even remove the fender to install them!!! Literally the only thing required is lengthening the wiring boot. Not the wiring itself, just the boot around it.  That is all!

This type of installation is unheard of in the industry! Neither Vertical Doors Inc or LSD Doors manufacture a Chevrolet Corvette Lambo Door kit that can compare to the technology and engineering that went into the redesigned Scissor Doors Inc Bolt On Lambo Door System!

Why disassemble your luxury sports car if you don't have to? Choose the Scissor Doors Inc Bolt On Lambo Door kit and avoid the hassle and expense of typical lambo door kit installs. 

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