ZLR, Butterfly & Gullwing Doors by Scissor Doors Inc.

Did You Know That?

Scissor Doors Inc Gull Wing Door kits can be installed on vehicles with out window frames.

Our gull wing door kits are vehicle specific so they are designed to work on your unique vehicle. This makes the installation much easier and faster than with other brands of Gull Wing kits on the market.

Most people thing of the Delorean from Back to the Future when they think of Gull Wing Doors, but by changing where you mount the Gull wing hinges on your vehicle you can change the appearance of the conversion.

Gull Wing Door hinges are 50% weld on 50% bolt on.

All of our door conversions are backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

Our Gull Wing Door Hinges can lift 180 degree straight up in the air so that they are completely perpendiular with the ground!

Our gas lift supports use dual pivot end fittings rather than a fixed point fitting. This eliminates and sideways pressure on the gas lift support and extends the lifespan of your shock.

Our Gull Wing Doors use special gas lift supports designed specifically for Gull Wing Doors. We don’t use regular automotive grade shocks to support the weight of your doors like many of our competitors do.

First thing that comes to mind when you hear Gull Wing Doors is usually Back to the Future. However, but in the last 25 years, a lot has changed with the design and use of these hinges. In fact, Gull Wing Doors are the fastest growing segment of aftermarket door hinge kits, because they rarely take up any more room that regular doors, and are easy to get in and out of on the go.

Gull Wing, are also called Butterfly Doors or ZLR Doors but they all allow you to open your doors straight up along the roof line or angles with the windshield of your car. The way you chose to install your Gull Wing Hinges depends on your vehicles design and your personal preference.

LEFT: Delorean Style RIGHT: Mercedes SLR & ZLR Style

We account for these factors and more by designing a Gull Wing Kit door hinge for your vehicle that has No flex and can be installed on the roof line, making your doors go straight up, or on the front of the door, making the door open at the angle of the windshield B pillar. These hinges can also be installed on the rear doors with the same options. Regardless of how you decide your door should open, the end result is a unique looking rock solid door system that is easy to get in and out of, and sets your vehicle apart from just about anything on the road.

When it comes to installing gullwing door hinges its actually a lot easier than you might think. They use a combination bolt on and weld on installation technique and, because they are designed to install with the factory door hinges left in place, it’s easy to insure that every installation results in perfect door alignment. Our gullwing door hinges are very reasonably priced, and are available in both styles for over 1000 applications. We also have the ability to machine them to suit just about any 2 or 4 door vehicles front or rear doors opening at different angles. When you place an order with us you will be contacted to confirm which style of door opening you prefer.

We often get asked about parking next to other cars with Gull Wing doors. In fact, they are easier to get in and out than regular doors for because the door gets out of your way, and often requires less room to open than a regular doors. This is even more the case on vehicle with two doors, as demonstrated in this short video:

Here is a great photo showing just how much room is available even with the SLR/ ZLR style gullwing doors installed. Because the door opens along the windshield pillar there is no issue with cars parked next to you. Vertically, they don’t actually go up any higher than a convertible top would opening and closing, making them easy to operate even in low clearance parking garages.

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