Flip Flop Hovering Tilt Hoods and Trunks

Did You Know That?

We manufacture direct bolt on flip flop hoods and trunks, and weld on flip forward hood kits for over 3000+ vehicle.

If your application isn’t listed, it can be built for you through our custom order program.

Flip flop hoods are designed to hover over your engine bay or your windsheild.

Flip forward hoods are designed to open forward in the opposite direction they do now.

We back all of our in house engineered hinges with a lifetime warranty.

Our hinges can be bolted, riveted or welded to the underside of your existing hoods substructure.

Our master installation kits can be ordered for steel, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber and even lexan hoods.

Our hinges are made from proper material thicknesses with tig welding and CNC machining standard.

These hinges can be ordered in raw finish to be custom painted to match your vehicle before installation.

You’ve spent a wad making your car perform the way you want it to, and you’ve got your engine bay looking right or even some paint work on the hood, but when your parked at the show, you look just like everything else. The solution to showing off under the hood and on the hood modifications is the Flip Flop Hood Kit. By allowing you to open your hood and have it hover over the engine bay, the Flip Flop Hovering/ Tilt Hood Hinges are a great way to showcase all of your hard work. We can also make them for your trunk to showcase your custom stereo system. The great thing about these hood systems is that they retain the factory hood bolt locations for an OEM fit and finish when the hood is not hovering or tilted. No shakes or rattles or vibrating hoods when your driving down the road.


Scissor Doors Inc’s Flip Flop Hinges can be set up to hover or tilt your hood when its on display. All hinges are designed to be vehicle specific. There’s no welding or fabrication required to install the hinges on your car and you do NOT need to modify the hood latch in any way. We can also do custom orders for custom made hoods that use different materials, like Carbon fiber, aluminum, fiberglass or even plexiglass.

Because the hinges are all made to fit each vehicle and not a universal one size fits all, the installation is very easy and doesn’t require any special tools which makes it great for the do it yourself’er. When you place an order for these hinges we double check the year make and model of your vehicle to be sure you get the correct kit for your application and, if you have any questions during the installation, our tech support team is on call 24/7 to assist you.