Do your doors have added weight from stereo or other after-market gear?

Many car enthusiasts have different types of mods done to their vehicles – performance parts, stereo gear, aesthetic mods,  you can it, it can be done. But often times when installing accessories into the doors of your vehicles, people tend to overlook the fact that they are adding substantial weight to them. This might not be a huge deal when you have factory opening door hinges, but if you’re looking to convert you doors to Gull Wing, Suicide or Lambo, this is something to consider!

Most door hinge companies only manufacture their hinges to meet the minimum requirements for the weight and size of a factory door. That means that if you have 10-20 lbs of gear on your doors, the gas lift supports in a standard kit won’t open your doors, and if they do, they will wear out prematurely.  And if you have really heavy equipment in your doors, forget about using a regular door hinge kit. Not only will the gas lifts be insufficient, but the weight will cause your hinges to sag and droop over time and cause your doors to come out of adjustment. This can damage your paint and body work as well as the door itself!


Scissor Doors Inc manufactures it’s regular production kits to handle more than the minimum guidelines for factory doors, but in addition to that, we manufacture CUSTOM hinges for vehicles with serious modifications! So if you just have a few small stereo mods our regular conversions will be more than adequate, but for serious competition cars, we offer custom fabrication to compensate for the extra weight that is added to your doors. Our custom kits will be guaranteed to work for your vehicle and to never come out of adjustment even with daily use!


If you have a custom vehicle that you’ve wanted to put a door conversion system on but can’t do the the extra weight and size, give us a call, we can work together to create the perfect hinge system for you!

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