Category: Bolt-On Lambo Doors

These corvette hinge kits are precision engineered for each specific application giving them a true bolt on fitment unlike any other lambo door hinge system the world over. Other systems on the market required major cutting or modifying the vehicle, but not ours. more

Something we are known for at Scissor Doors Inc. is showing close up photos of our hinges online. This is common in the aftermarket but not so common in the lambo door industry. We do this because  the quality  of our hinges high, and the photos are our best tool to showcase this. more

Shout out to Larry Cormier, We Hope you enjoy installing your Scissor Doors Inc. 2008 Hummer H2 Bolt On lambo doors.

Be sure to email us a your testimonial when your all done! Here are a few shots of your hinges. Contact us with any questions you have or use our ONLINE CHAT (CLICK HERE). more

It’s Friday, and the weather is nice…time to call it a day. The last order out the door this week is Mr. Mitchell’s bolt on rear lambo door kit, for his Dodge Charger.

Here are a few pics to look at while it ships…Thank’s for the order Steve! more