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suicide doors SEMA Black Bird



When Trans Am Depot contacted us about doing a 180 Suicide Door kit on one of their customer’s cars, we were pretty stoked! Trans Am Dept cranks out some crazy builds for some pretty high-end cliental. The Black Bird was custom build for a former NBA star that wanted his new ride to have a truly unique look. Trans Am Depot used our vehicle specific 180 Suicide Door kit ( available here: to build this totally custom Trans Am. more

We are proud to be the only manufacture of door conversion systems that offers a tech support service to all of our customers! If you have a questions about the installation process we have a dedicated online chat service to assist you! How convenient is that? Real time support from a qualified installation technician!

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We love hearing from our happy customers, and better still, we love seeing photos of their finished builds! If you have a Scissor Doors Inc conversion installed on your vehicle, we want to see it! Send us your photos and tell us why you love your car and why you chose our product line. Email us @ with ‘MY RIDE” in the subject line. Once we receive your photos and information we will feature them in our gallery. And if it’s a really sweet ride, we’ll even feature it in our blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter! more

We’ve all done it. It’s easy to  be sucked in by the lure of what seems like a deal, but far too often we  regret it later! Just because the sticker price seems like a good deal, doesn’t mean it will be cheaper in the long run! more