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Suicide Doors -A.K.A Reverse Opening Doors

Suicide doors are probably the most simple, classy, and stunning modification for your vehicle. Be careful when shopping for a suicide door kit. Other kits on the market are cheap one size fits all hinges that will sag and wobble out of adjustment. These universal kits are sold all over the web making what should be a quick, step by step installation, into a technical nightmare for installers. Suicide Doors should be simple and installs are easy with Scissor Doors Inc. engineered complete hinge systems. Here at Scissor Doors Inc. we approach door modifications with proper engineering techniques. We start by using high quality materials and design hinges that are easy to install and withstand the test of time. This is why we can put a lifetime warranty on a door hinge! Each complete system is designed for the application ordered, using the correct offset, arc, materials, thickness, and mounting flanges. This give you a solid door feel, maximum opening angle, and easy installation. Choose Scissor Doors Inc. complete, vehicle specific Suicide door kits. We back up all our products by offering a full lifetime warranty on our Suicide door kits. We won't sell cheap hinges. We sell quality hinges cheap!

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Still have some questions? Please CONTACT US so a consultant can discuss the specifics of your suicide door system and answer all the questions you have before, during, and after your flawless install.

Want to know more? Check out the Suicide Doors Info section on our website learn more about our precision machined, properly engineered Suicide Door hinge kits and more!

Each complete Suicide door hinge kit includes:

- 2 complete Suicide door conversion hinges
- Door side mounting flanges
- Body side mounting flanges
- 2X HD DOT approved latches and locks.
- Latch and lock mounting kit, hardware
- Detailed guide/ owners manual
- Professional 1 on 1 tech support
- Lifetime warranty

NOTE: A remote controlled, full power automatic hands free door upgrade is available for this system!

Our special wholesale discount starts at 3 of ANY door system available for ANY vehicle. Please CONTACT US for details.

Shipping: Processing time is 24hrs. Ship time is 5-9 days in North America on stock items. International ship vary. Out of stock items have a manufacturing time of 72 hours to 120 hours.

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