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Reverse Access Mobility Doors

Our Reverse Access Mobility hinge system is the latest addition to our Access mobility line. The Reverse Access hinge system DOES CHANGE the opening direction of your door, while also increasing your door's movement from 60-70 to 90-180 degrees in reverse (applications degrees vary). This option is available for your front and rear doors, yet its more commonly used on rear doors.

For many customers installing our Reverse Access hinge system on their vehicle, allows them load and unload mobility devices and cargo through the rear door from the front seated position. This simple change gives many people their independence back! With our hands-free remote controlled fully automatic upgrade, we can bring this independence to a broader group of customers. With the increase in the doors opening angle, access to and from your vehicle is much easier as the door pivots out and away from your swinging legs. This is a simple change for a dramatic improvement in your vehicles ability to load and unload people and cargo.

Each Reverse Access hinge system is vehicle specific. The correct offset, curve, structural design, and mounting flanges, to easily install to your unique chassis in a minimal time and effort. Every Reverse Access hinge kit is engineered for a lifetime of abuse, This far exceeds your factory door hinge's quality. Of course we back up all our products with a lifetime warranty. Each conversion kit is sold per door.

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NOTE: A hands free, automatic power, remote controlled door option is available for this hinge system.

We welcome inquiry from swivel/turning seat manufacturers all and mobility dealers. Please CONTACT US for more details.

Reverse Access Hinge Overview:

- Life time warranty on all products
- Reverses door movement
- Available for front and rear doors
- Fully Adjustable opening
- Simple install
- Durable, rugged engineering
- Increases your vehicle opening by up to 180 degrees
- Over 1200+ vehicle specific hinges
- Quick Delivery
- Manual and Fully automatic available
- Covered by most health plans


Still have some questions? Please CONTACT US so a consultant can discuss the specifics of your Reverse Access system and answer questions you have before, during, and after the install.

Each complete Access door kit includes:

- 1(*2) pre-assembled Reverse Access door hinge(s)
- Adjustable degree limiter
- 360 degree bearings
- Installation hardware
- Master installation harness (if required)
- Wiring harness cover
- Installation guide/ owners manual
- Professional 1 on 1 tech support
- Full Lifetime warranty
*Applications vary

NOTE: A power, automatic, hands free remote controlled, door upgrade is available for this system.

Our special wholesale discount starts at 3 of ANY door system available for ANY vehicle. Please CONTACT US for details.

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