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Gull Wing Doors - Butterfly Doors

Installers know the difference, do you know what to expect from our high end products? Our precision engineered Gull Wing door conversion kit (A.K.A. Butterfly doors) is designed specifically to install easily and work flawlessly in each application it is made for. Even with heavy abuse, you can even drive with your doors open! None of the universal knock- off kits can do that! These complete Gull Wing door kits are packed with every required item for a quick painless install. Don't spend your money on junk! Those poorly made "Show Quality Only" one size fits all Gull Wing door kits will wobble and sag out of adjustment during and after your install. What are your options? Our Gull Wing door system can be installed on the roof line:

Or the windshield pillar:

of your ride, you decide what you want! Here at Scissor Doors Inc. we take door hinge technology seriously. We only use high quality materials when engineering and manufacturing your specific Gull Wing door system. Each kit is designed for the chassis it is ordered for. The correct arc, offsets, mounting flanges, gas lift support, and even raw materials. This ensures a proper, solid door conversion with maximum door opening angles and easy installation.Every complete kit includes a detailed photo installation guide. Between that and our award wining tech support, we guarantee a flawless install your first time, every time! We back up all our products with a full lifetime warranty on all our Gull Wing door kits.

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Still have some questions? Please CONTACT US and let our consultants discuss the details of your Gull Wing door conversion kit and answer your questions before, during, and after your install.

While your here, go to the GullWing section of our website to learn more about our Gull Wing Door kits and more!

Each complete Gull Wing door system includes:

- 2 (*4 )complete Gull Wing door conversion hinges
- 2 high kift HD nitrogen lift supports
- 4 gas lift high strength 360 degree lift end fittings
- Reinforced mount flanges
- Installation, hardware
- Detailed manual/ installation guide
- Professional 1 on 1 tech support
- Full Lifetime warranty
*4 hinges for roof mount system.

NOTE: A fully remote controlled, power door upgrade kit is available for this application.

Our wholesale/ group pricing starts at only 3 of ANY conversion kits for ANY vehicle. Please do CONTACT US for details.

Shipping: Typical time for processing is up to 24hrs. Shipping time is 4-9 business days in North Americal on all in stock items. International Shipping may vary slightly. Most out of stock items have a manufacturing time of only 72 to 120 hours.

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