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I bought this kit for my 2008 Dodge Charger this fall and had a body shop do the install for me. The body shop has done a lot of door kits in the past and they recommended that I buy a Scissor Door kit because of the quality and the ease of install. I could have bought a cheaper kit online, but buy the time the shop installed it on my car, it would have cost me more in the end since the labor bill would have been double! The Scissor Doors kit was really rugged and substantial and the steel they used didn't have any flex like some of the cheaper kits do. The body shop had it all installed and the doors adjusted in less than 4 hours and the they work flawlessly! The opening motion is really smooth and doesn't bounce or sway like some of the other kits on the market do. This is my daily driver so it get a lot of use and even my wife and kid have no problems opening and closing the doors. I was very happy with the overall product and service I received from this company.
Date Added: 01/16/2012 by Bob Wilson

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