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Hands Free Remote Power Automatic Door Upgrade

Want to take your door kit to the next level? Well look no further! The perfect compliment to any door hinge is a hands free AIR powered upgrade. This system is far superior to screw actuated doors. It still allows the door to be opened manually, can stop in different positions, and is much faster opening and closing. Whether your ride is large, small, a show car, a race car, a daily driver or fleet vehicle, we have a air power upgrade for you. Each kit is designed to fully automate the hinge system it is mated to. This includes the activation of the latches and locks for a smooth opening and closing. This can be applied to the doors, trunk, hood, hatch, or tailgates for hands free remote operation. Each complete systems come the necessary components for each chassis and hinge setup. Scissor Doors Inc. is the one stop shop for all your door conversion want and needs. Not only do we offer high quality door kits, we supply full line of the finest related accessories for your vehicle.

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Still have some questions? Please CONTACT US so a consultant can discuss the specifics of your Automatic Upgrade system and answer all the questions you have before, during, and after the install.

Each remote power upgrade system includes:

- Two wireless remotes
- Two adjustable stainless / aluminum door poppers
Air Compressor, lines, Cylinders, fittings, solenoids, and switches
- Heavy duty solenoids (LB rating application specific)
- Pre fab solenoid mounting brackets
- Wiring Diagram
- Professional 1on 1 tech support
- Warranty

Our special wholesale discount starts at 3 of ANY door system available for ANY vehicle. Please CONTACT US for details.

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