Butterfly Doors? Gull Wing Doors? Gullwing Doors? You know, like the Back to the Future car!!!!

Know what you like but not sure what the heck it’s called? You’re not alone! We call them Gull Wing Doors, but many customers refer to them as Butterfly doors or Delorean Doors. But what we’re all referring to are the door hinges that make your car doors open up so that they are parallel with the roof line of the vehicle. Like this:

When you see how they change the profile to make the doors look like wings, you can sort of see why people call them Butterfly Doors, right?

One really cool thing about Gull Wing or Butterfly Doors is they amount of room that you have to get in and out of your vehicle! We’ve had many customers who use wheel chairs purchase our Butterfly door hinges just for that reason alone!

Looking to sell your wife on getting a set for your car? Tell her how much easier it will be to get the kiddos in and out with the doors being out of the way! Heck, you can even make a boring old van cool with a set of Gull Wing Butterfly Doors!


But wait… You’ve got a convertible and you want Gull Wing Butterfly Doors too… no problem! You can actually mount Butterfly doors along the windshield pillar of your vehicle too. Not only does this give you an even more custom look, but it gives you all the benefits of ease of entry/exit without sacrificing the cool factor of a convertible. Not sure what we mean, check this out:

So there you have it, Gull Wing = Gullwing = Butterfly = Delorean Style. But if all else fails, just give us a call and tell us you want something bad ass and we’ll help you out!

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