Angel Calderon, Another Satisfied Customer! 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis Rear Suicide Doors by Scissor Doors Inc


angel calderon suicide rear doors 2


Another happy customer sent us some photos of their customized 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis with a freshly installed set of 90 Degree Suicide Door Hinges by Scissor Doors Inc.  This car was made for Suicide Doors! The installation is so flawless that it looks like it came this way from the factory!

angel calderon grand marquis suicide

Since the Scissor Doors Inc Suicide Door kit is vehicle specific and designed for each unique vehicle, the installation process is much easier and straight forward than other kits on the market. When you install a Scissor Doors Suicide Door System there is no fabrication and design work required, we’ve already done that for you! The hinges fit the shape and size of your vehicle so there is no guess work on how to do the installation. The end result is a clean, OEM looking hinge system that is designed for the daily driver.  Unlike many universal kits on the market, the Scissor Doors Inc Suicide Door kit is guaranteed to never come out of adjustment or sag overtime. We know that you take pride in your vehicle so we don’t cut corners when it comes to building a quality product!

calderon 89 grand marquis rear suicide

angel caldron Suicide Doors 1

Want your ride to look as good as Angel Calderon’s? Check out our complete line up door modifications!

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