Access Mobility Hinge Systems- More than just asethetics

For most of our customers choosing to modify their vehicle is purely for aesthetics and improving the look of their ride. However Scissor Doors Inc manufactures a line of door conversion systems that are designed specifically for customers with special mobility requirements or limitations.


Most people don’t realise it, but a standard opening vehicle door only opens approximately 65-75 degrees and entering and exiting can be challenging if you use a wheelchair, motorized seat or other mobility device.  By installing our vehicle specific Access Mobility Hinges, our customers can easily transfer from their chair to vehicle without their vehicle door obstructing their path.


We also have rear door modifications that allow drivers confined to wheelchairs to easily load and unload their chairs while seated in their vehicle. This grants the driver the independence to travel solo on a daily basis.

96-06caravan access mobility hinges

In addition to producing the door hinges to increase the range of motion on  a factory door, Scissor Doors Inc offers compatible Automatic Upgrade Kits that provide a hands-free open/close system on vehicle doors to further accommodate for mobility restrictions.

For more information about our Access Mobility Products, please contact Scissor Doors Inc @ 506-455-8968.

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