Our suicide doors are known to require the least amount of work to install. However we have made another step forward, and are proud to announce a new Dodge LX chassis Suicide Door Hinge system. By integrating the trim channels into the hinge’s door and body mounts, we eliminated a lot of the finishing work that needs to be done by installers. We will be rolling out this new design across our lineup for all late model 4 door vehicles!

Check out the new Porsche Boxter / 911 Suicide Door hinges. This set was ordered in a raw metal finish to be painted during the install. They require only three inches of vertical height, in the door jamb, to fit, and are designed to install on the upper rear edge of the door. This allows for a great maximum opening angle, and without having to hack the side vents on the Boxter. For proper rigidity, these hinges are made with a 3/4 inch thick steel arm and 1/4 inch thick box weld mounts. They are the first hinge to use the new adjustable roller detent setup, to control the doors movement, and hold it open on a hill.

Another 180 suicide door hinge headed to our good friends in Australia. This one is for a Toyota Hilux. Thanks for your order Chris!