Lambo doors are sometimes called Vertical Doors or Scissor Doors as we typically refer to them, but in the end, the basic design and function is the same. Basically, a Vertical Door opens by swinging horizontally and then lifting vertically into the air to mimic the look of a Lamborghini. The origin of the name is pretty obvious, your doors are literally vertical in the air when open!

Here’s what we’re referring to:



There are two styles of Vertical Doors, a weld on hinge and a bolt on hinge; b0th will serve the same function, but the installation process is different.

With the Scissor Doors Inc brand of bolt on Vertical Door Hinges, each hinge is custom built to fit into the existing hinge mounts on your vehicle. The new vertical door hinge will literally bolt into place of your factory door hinges. A direct bolt on Vertical Door hinge is typically easier to install and has the added option of being reversible, which makes it safe for a leased vehicle!  Another bonus to choosing the bolt on vertical doors is that if you’re handy, you can do the installation in your home garage. All you will need to install bolt on vertical doors is regular, everyday hand tools.

The weld on Vertical Door Hinges are a great option for customers with hard to fit  or rare vehicles who aren’t interested in having custom bolt on hinges made for their vehicle. Weld on Vertical Door Kits are also a better choice for older vehicles that came with the factory door hinges welded on rather than bolted on. This eliminates the need to drill new mounting points and makes the installers job easier. The only down side to a weld on Vertical Door Kit is that most people will require a body shop to do the installation since an experienced welder is required.



Most people only think about modifying their front doors when they’re considering vertical doors, but you can actually convert your rear doors to Vertical Lambo Doors as well! Although most applications are weld on only, we do offer a few select styles of Rear Vertical Doors in a bolt on application.




Not only do rear lambo door look great on cars with front lambo doors, but mixing and matching different types of door conversions, like Suicide Doors, Gull Wing Doors, Butterfly Doors, makes for a real show-stopper!


Now, just to make things even more confusing, we also offer Suicide Vertical Doors that can be installed on two or four door vehicles. The Suicide Vertical Lambo Door is a weld on hinge kit that mounts on the opposite side of the door from the factory hinge (the side where the door handle is) but lifts up vertically like a lambo door does. Sounds crazy right, well it is, but the result is pretty awesome!


So basically, call them Vertical Doors, Lambo Doors, or Scissor Doors, the end result is a still the same….. a kick ass ride!

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Know what you like but not sure what the heck it’s called? You’re not alone! We call them Gull Wing Doors, but many customers refer to them as Butterfly doors or Delorean Doors. But what we’re all referring to are the door hinges that make your car doors open up so that they are parallel with the roof line of the vehicle. Like this: more

It’s Friday, and the weather is nice…time to call it a day. The last order out the door this week is Mr. Mitchell’s bolt on rear lambo door kit, for his Dodge Charger.

Here are a few pics to look at while it ships…Thank’s for the order Steve! more


When this R32 1990 Nissan  skyline came into the shop, we noticed the front right tire was rubbing on the fender. At first we had thought that one of the RS-R drop springs had started to sag because it was just the one corner doing it. We then cycled the suspension and noticed that the upper control arms had some play in it. The owner didn’t want to buy, wait for, or mess with,  aftermarket adjustable replacements and OEM parts weren’t available locally, so we decided to rebuild it here while the car was in the shop. This gave us an opportunity to do a how to for you nissan skyline and 300zx owners. more