Even though we pride ourselves on having hundreds of different styles and models of door hinge systems in stock, it’s impossible to keep one of everything on the shelf! To ensure that even owner of  the rarest of vehicles can modify their doors too, we have a custom order program available. more

For most of our customers choosing to modify their vehicle is purely for aesthetics and improving the look of their ride. However Scissor Doors Inc manufactures a line of door conversion systems that are designed specifically for customers with special mobility requirements or limitations. more

Sometimes car enthusiasts know exactly what they want to do to their vehicle, and sometimes it’s more of a process that happens overtime. Like any modification there are pros and cons to consider when deciding what type of door conversion to install on your vehicle.

Suicide Doors tend to be a popular modification with older, classic cars and trucks as they lend well to the era. However, many new car manufacturers are reintroducing the Suicide Door hinge to current production models so even new body style vehicles can be well suited to the subtle look of a Suicide Door Hinge kit. Suicide Doors can be installed on two or four door cars and are often chosen as a rear door modification when installing another style of hinge on your front doors. more